Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kyoryuger character info

Well thanks to people Dukemon2and DecaEnd who translated a pamphlet from the movie Go-Busters vs Gokaiger we got some character information on our new heroes the Kyoryugers

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KyouryuRed/Kiryu Daigo:
20 years old. While on a solitary jungle island, Daigo defeated JyuDenRyu Gabtyra, and gained its’ power. He declares himself the “Kiba no Yuusha” (Fang Hero), an omnipotent and balanced fighter. He is a person who has “seen the four corners of the globe” and his unique qualities easily charm people into becoming his friends.

KyouryuBlack/Ian Yorkland:
23 years old. Near a lake in Europe, this fighter defeated JyuDenRyu Parasagn, and gained its’ power. A Sniper with tricky moves, he declares himself the “Dangan no Yuusha” (Bullet Hero.) Talkative, and very much a playboy, he is the gag-maker of the group, never one to miss a joke. However, regardless of his personality, he seems to have a checkered past.

KyouryuBlue/Udo Nobuharu:
32 years old. A hardworking Jack-of-All-Trades. The others call him “No-san”. While on a trip, Nobuharu defeated JyuDenRyu Stegocchi in an Ice Field, and gained its’ power. A Power Fighter who declares himself the “Yoroi no Yuusha” (Armor Hero.) He lives with his younger sister, a single mother, and his niece.

KyoryuGreen/Rippukan Souji:
A 16-year-old High School Student. While in a bamboo thicket, Souji defeated JyuDenRyu Zactor, and gained its’ power, becoming a warrior. A Cool Swordsman with Speedy Attacks, he declares himself the “Zangeki no Yuusha” (Slashing Hero.) He is of the Rippukan-Ke, a family who has been practicing Ansatsu Kenjutsu (Assasination Fencing Arts) since the Warring States Era. Although he respects his father (and what his father wants for him), he has uncertain thoughts about what his fate should be.

KyouryuPink/Yuzuki Ami:
An 18-year-old College Student. Defeated JyuDenRyu Dorikera while in America, and became a warrior, gaining its’ power. A cheerful, “High Kick Girl”, she declares herself the “Tsuno no Yuusha” (Horned Heroine.) Specializes in Hand-to-Hand combat. She is from America, studying abroad, and is the daughter of a wealthy family. A butler known as “Gentle” is taking care of her in her current accommodations.

My thoughts are, I am interested in the characters they have an Abaranger or Akiabranger feel to them or as my one friend said a Jetman feel to them each one having something unique about them that is attention getting and all of them having different backgrounds.  I am interested to say the least I just hope the actors and actress can deliver and I hope the overall story can deliver as well.  Kyoryuger will premier February 17th, 2013

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