Monday, January 21, 2013

Abaranger review: part 2: allies

2) Abaranger's allies

Emiri Imanaka/ Emi Pon: a high school girl that has been able to hear the Bakuryuu when they came to Earth. However, she hasn't been able to become an Abaranger, because her body wasn't strong enough.  Of course, in her heart, she still wanted to be an Abaranger, even making an home made Abarepink costume, but she well understood that she couldn't. However, she's still doing her best to help the heroes the best she's able to, looking after Mai when Ryouga had to fight, cheering them up when they needed it, being assisting them from headquarters, and even sometimes, being involved in battles (like when the Abarangers and her had to rescue her high school friend from a Torinoid, or being a bait in the bride kidnapping plot). During her time with the Abaranger, she began to grow feelings towards Yukito, and finally became her assistant, and, eventually, her wife.
Ryunosuke Sugishita: the owner of the Dino House, a dinosaur themed restaurant. Like Emiri, he was able to hear the Bakuryu's voice, but hadn't been able to become an Abaranger, because of his body limitations. However, he's the one who gives the Abaranger a home and a job in his restaurant, and allow them to have his restaurant becoming the abaranger's headquarters, as well as assisting them with Emiri. As an old man with a lot of experience, he's always ready to give wise advice to the young heroes, especially during difficult times. Because of his experience during the war, he's able to relate to Asuka/ Abareblack, who suffered huge trauma because of all he's been through in Dino Earth. Bur Ryunosuke is also a very cheerful man, who is still young at heart and still wants to have fun. 

Mai Hakua: Ryouga's five year old niece. She became an orphan when her parents died in a car accident, and had her uncle Ryouga becomes her guardians. Despite that tragic past, she's a very cheerful girl, who loves her uncle a lot. Even if she may at times behave like a spoiled little girl, she usually does her best to make her adoptive father happy and cheering him and the others Abarangers.

 The Dino House: Ryunosuke's restaurant, where the heroes live and work as part timers,
and which is also their secret base

Yokota san: a regular customer at the Dino House

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