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Kyoryuger: Actors Interviews

DecaEnd also provided interviews by the actors for Kyoryuger.  Thanks for him again for providing us with this.  I hope you enjoy.

Here is the link:

Kyoryu Red, Daigo Kiryu – Ryo Ryusei:
The first time I portrayed Kyoryu Red was for this VS movie. Although I was only doing ADR. Even though it’s just a short scene, it really captures the personalities of the characters and as a team. A team that’s terrible at gathering, that’s kinda crazy. But I think that’s the charm with this show. I’m sure even I’ll be able to enjoy this show as it airs.
Riku Sanjo’s script is really funny. He has really created diverse cast and manages work with us really well. Red doesn’t even feel like he’s the leader, Riku has given every character a distinctive personality. So everyone shines in their own way. All the members have their own things to do, they have their own private lives to attend to.
In the start of the story, the characters don’t know each other and us, actors, don’t know each other either. It’s going to be very interesting to see how we will work together. The first few days of filming were kinda lonely, cause the other members weren’t in those scenes. But when the 5 of us gathered for filming, I knew we were in for a hell of a ride!
Director Sakamoto will be doing great things with this show. He’s really set on making a strong and cool team of heroes. I know that kids and their parents will enjoy this show. So please look forward to it!

Kyoryu Black, Ian Yorkland – Syuusuke Saito:
At the end of the audition, I was really curious about the colors. Obviously, there would be a Red, but the other colors piqued my interest.
To my surprise, I was chosen as Black, the second in command of the team. Black has a cool image, and as they said he’s a “sexy guy” (laughs)
But as I read the script, I realized that he isn’t just some kind of cool, sexy playboy. There’s a lot of sides to this character. Playing Ian for a year will definitely be a challenge, I’m looking forward to learn many new things.
As I’m playing this character, I don’t want to see him as if he’s in a specific position. The way I see it, Kyoryuger is a team working together. Even if Red is supposed to be a leader, Ian will be there supporting him. Just like Red would be supporting Black, if he were to need help. Being apart of this show will definitely be fun.
This was the first time I had to do ADR. You’ll be able to see the team interact in this VS movie, it’s not much but it was a fun scene. As for the show itself, it will have plenty of action and I’ll do my best in the ADR room.
I hope everyone will be able to enjoy this show!

Kyoryu Blue, Nobuharu Udo – Yamato Kinjo:
I’m currently 29 years old, but I’m playing a 32 year old man. I never thought they would hire an old bearded man to be a hero on this show, so when I found out I got the role I was so surprised! (laughs) I’m really lucky that the staff decided to go for a character like this.
When I got the role, I had to attend action rehearsals and it’s actually very tiring. The actual filming of the action scenes are also really tough, but director Sakamoto always manages to motivate us by constantly being cheerful.
The filming is actually done very fast paced. Luckily, all our hard efforts pays off and can be seen in the show!
The members are simply wonderful people. For some reason, it doesn’t feel like there’s such a big age gap. Maybe because I’m like a child in my head, or maybe the rest of them are super mature. (laughs)
I think I’m a bit similar to my role. I’ve left the cool roles to the other 4… While I’m the lame old man. Nobuharu is actually a very kind and calm person. Despite being an old man, he fits right in with the team.

Kyoryu Green, Soji Rippukan – Akihisa Shiono:
I always watched the Super Sentai series as I grew up. I even said I would become a Sentai hero a lot of times when I was growing up. I can’t believe that it actually happened to me. Now that I’ve become one, I really want to leave an impression. I want to inspire the newer generation to aim for their dreams.
We’ve just started filming together and if I were to describe the members with one word it would be “lively“, but out the 5 members Soji doesn’t strike out as “lively” It’s kinda hard, because I always show up on the scene cheerful and lively. But as soon as the cameras are rolling, I become a different person. It’s still a good thing, because I’ll learn a lot through Kyoryuger.
Soji is an excellent swordsman, but I’ve never practised kendo or anything like that. I hurt myself a lot during sword rehearsals, I’ve even peeled of the skin on my thumb because of this.
Action scenes are really hard, I’m constantly doing my best to make it look as good as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m very good at it. After I’ve transformed Kosuke Asai takes over in the suit. We work together a lot, so his suit acting will fit the character as well.
Please enjoy and watch the new show, Kyoryuger. It’s very funny!

Kyoryu Pink, Ami Yuzuki – Ayuri Konno:
As I’m doing this interview, I’m still 15. But when the movie premieres, I’ll be 16. I’m just an ordinary freshmen high school student. My character on the other hand is different. (laughs)
I’m the youngest person on the set, almost half as young as Mr. Kinjo! Everyone is really nice to me.
I do have an older brother, so as we were growing up I used to watch Super Sentai with him. I never thought I’d be in one though. I still watch them, so it’s so surreal. (laughs)
I’ll be playing Pink, a lovely young lady and cheerful kind of character. I really think she’ll be different from many other Pink Rangers. Despite being a rich daughter, Ami works at a family restaurant as a part timer. I’ve always wanted to play a character that’s a rich kid, and I’m able to use my own real experiences from my part time jobs. This is the perfect character for me. (laughs)
This is the first time I’ve done action scenes. When we were first told to do fighting poses, I was told that I look terrible. When I got home, I immediately started working on poses with my dad and as of recent I’ve been receiving some praise on my poses.
I’ll do my best to be a cool heroine, so I can reel in more female viewers! I don’t have a lot of experience yet, but I’m doing my absolute best! So please support our show!

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