Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Sentai Suits: Individual Suits

Super Sentai has had a lot of suits of over the years with a huge variety in terms of designs. A lot of them have looked great but others haven't. Aesthetics can help make even some of the worst shows a bit easier to swallow. So without further hesitation, lets take a look at what some of my favorite suits in Sentai are.

8. DekaBright:
Her suit is nice and the shade of silver is a really nice choice. It has an almost metallic grey look to it but it works rather well. It blends nicely with the navy and gold on the rest of the suit. The number on her chest-plate looks great in gold and works out well combined with the navy and silver. The gold bands on the gloves and boots are a great combo with the navy on them. The belt looks great in gold. The helmet looks nice with the gold outline around the visor and the lights on the sides.

7. DekaSwan:
The white, orange, and black blends really well. The helmet looks great with the visor having an almost wing-like pattern to it. The sides of the helmet have a feather pattern on them that really compliments her swan-motif. The feather pattern also extends to the shoulder pads. The orange spandex and white gloves and boots are a  nice combination.

6. Mele's Chameleon Armor:
The greens and purples blend really well together and it really sells its chameleon motif. The chest-plate has some nice detail to it and the sculpting on the chameleon's face is fantastic. It even has a tongue hanging down from the chest-plate to make it look like a sash that goes on slightly past the belt. They even went so far as to give the chest-plate this scale-like pattern to help sell the reptilian look.

5. MagiMother:

It looks like a nice in-between suit that bridges the look of the main five's basic designs and the armored look of Wolzard's suits. The the white, silver, gold, and black blend very well together. Its a very nice shade of white and the chest-plate looks great with the silver bit outlined in gold going across it. The black portions on the arms and around the legs add some nice contrast. The helmet is cool with the silver fins going across the sides. The helmet also features a nice, clear, almost crystal-like snowflake on the helmet.

4. Wolzard and Wolzard Fire:
Since they are both essentially the same suit just with the colors changed, they both hold this spot. I'll talk about the purple Wolzard armor first since it was the original armor we saw. The armor looks fantastic and the sculpting on both versions is incredible. The purple, gold, silver, and black blends really well. The sculplting on the wolf shoulder pads is nice and they have some great detail with individual teeth being visible. The sculpting on the shield looks great with N Ma's red eye on the center being outlined in gold and being surrounded by black, purple, and silver. The shield looks great thanks to the silver out-line.
Wolzard Fire looks the same as regular Wolzard just with a nice burning red instead of purple. The bright silver armor on the upper legs looks nice and contrasts really well with the red, gold, and black on the rest of the suit. Again the sculpting on the shield is nice and the red blends well with the silver. If I had to pick between the two suits, If I were to choose between the two, I'd have to go with this one simply because I like the way the red reacts with the other colors on the suit. It looks a bit more dynamic than the purple armor.

3. DekaMaster:
Out of the Dekaranger suits, this one is my favorite. This suit is spectacular. I love the more armored look it has compared to the main six DekaSuits. The light blue armor looks great mixed with the black spandex. The black number on the chest-plate really stands out thanks to the red outline. The belt looks really good in red especially combined with the silver buckle. The raised ears on the helmet really help sell the dog motif.

2. AbareMax:
This is my favorite Abaranger suit. The red, blue, and gold blend really well. Its a very simple upgrade for AbaRed that doesn't over-shadow the original design. It simply adds some shoulder pads and outlines the visor in gold while expanding the logo. It also adds some gold plates to the side of the visor and changes the white spike pattern to gold and blue while gold-plating the brace. The shield looks great and and has some nice detail on it. The black, red, and gold on the shield blend together very nicely.

1. Kurojishi Rio's Lion Armor:
This is my favorite suit in all of Sentai. The black and gold work really well together. The level of detail on this suit is amazing, especially the chest-plate. From the lion's eyes to the teeth to the mane, the sculpting on the chest-plate is fantastic. The helmet looks really great too with golden spikes forming a mane around the sides of the helmet and another black mane coming off the back of the helmet.

Well those are my favorite individual suits. The main reason its mostly sixth/extra suits is because of the vast difference in looks compared to their team members. I will most likely do a post involving team looks for the main teams at some point. I hope you are all looking forward to it.