Thursday, January 24, 2013

Abaranger part 5; the storyline

Abaranger's story is about the fight between a group of warriors, the Abarangers against invaders from another dimension, the Evolian. That plot involves mostly three main storylines, which are pretty intertwined: the quest for the lost Bakuryuu, the Asuka and Mahoro plot, and the Abarekiller plot. I've already discussed in detail those plots in the previous posts, so, the aim of that post is to show how the episodes of the series are organised to tell the story

episodes 1-2: introduction arc, first attack of the Evolian on Another Earth, and the three first Abaranger (Red, Blue and Yellow) appear, first appearance of Abarenoh, and they stop the attack and defeat Geilton, who is killed soon after.
Episodes 3-8: The Abaranger begin to live in the DinoHouse (and we learn about their background), they find the first Bakuryuu (Baki) after fighting against a black Evolian warrior, and Asuka learn that that warrior is  Jeanne (who has his wife Mahoro's appearance), and finally, after struggling, is able to become back Abareblack. Major episodes: 7 and 8

Episodes 9-17: the heroes are able to find new Bakuryuu (Dimenoko and Stego), but often have to fight the Evolien, especially Jeanne to get them; first appearances of the mysterious girl, and how she affects Jeanne and Asuka, more info about the heroes's background. Major episodes: 12-13

Episodes 18-20: Abarekiller intro arc ; first appearance of  Yatsudenwani, Parasa, Topgaler and Killeroh; Stego leaves the heroes to join Mikoto

Episodes 21-27: Abarekiller reveal himself as an enemy of the Abaranger, but without being the Evolian's ally; Ankylo appears, and Abarekiller captures Baki and Dimenoko
Key episodes: 22-23

Episode 28-33 : several major arcs:
- Lije meets Abarekiller and develop a crush on him, and finally, brings him to the Evolian base where he becomes the Evolian's leader and sends Killer Ghost for a big fight against the heroes.
- Asuka and Jeanne learn about their past thanks to the Mysterious girl and fianlly have their final confrontation; Asuka defeats Jeanne, and seemingly die in Anomalocaris
- Abared is able  to become Abaremax thanks to Asuka's new weapon, defeats Killeroh; Baki and Dimenoko are freed ; first appearance of Styraco and Maxohja

Episodes 34-40:
Mahoro, having survived, but having lost her memory and not evil anymore, appears and begins to live with the heroes; Asuka is revealed to have taken the cursed armor, and is trapped in it
Lije grows up as Lijewel, becomes the Evolian's queen and fights several times with the heroes
Mahoro recovers her memory, and becomes Jeanne again, without turning evil, and saves her husband by destroying the armor

Episode 41-43: Abarekiller is revealed as Dezumozorya's Another Earth host; Mahoro helps the heroes as a spy. Stego joins back the heroes; Yatsudenwani is captured by the heroes; and after a last confrontation, Mikoto realizes his status as the Evil God's host and decides to fight the Evolian; Dezumozorya takes control of Lijewel's body

Episodes 44-50: Final fight against Dezumozorya:  Mahoro is exposed as a spy, Lijewel is freed from the evil god, and becomes a baby; Abarekiller  and TopGaler die, as well as Mikela and Voffa; after saving Mahoro, the heroes finally defeat once and for all Dezumozorya: the Ryujin and Bakuryuu return to Dino Earth.

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