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Abaranger part 4: the Bakuryuu: more than just dinosaur mechas

As a dinosaur-themed sentai series, Abaranger had of course dinosaur mechas. However, the Bakuryuu are much much more than mere mechas being able to fuse together to make big robots. They were living beings, evolved forms of the dinosaurs that appeared in Dino Earth, since dinosaurs didn't become extinct there. When a Ryujin did have enough "Dino Guts", he was able to develop a partnership with the Bakuryuu.  However, someone form Another Earth who has enough Dino Guts would be able to become a Bakuryuu's partner as well.

1) Tyranno, Tricera and Ptera: the three Abarenoh Bakuryuu
When the Evolian began to invade Another Earth, they had captured the three most powerful Bakuryuu and forced them to do their bidding, i e , rampaging Tokyo and bring chaos and destruction. However, they couldn't stand doing those horrible deeds, and desperately called in Another Earth for people having enough Dino Guts to free them from the Evolian and become their partners. 

Bakuryuu Tyrannosaurus: When desperately calling for help, his voice has been heard by a young environmental protection investigator who was also a single father Ryouga. Unfortunately, he unwittingly wounded him while damaging the building Ryouga was. However, as soon as Ryouga recovered, he managed to become his partner, then stopping him from destroying the city. Tyranno is a hot blooded Bakuryu, who sadly lost his wife and child because of the Evolian. Because of that, he really feels close to Ryouga's niece Mai, who also lost tragically her family, and he wants Ryouga to be the best father to her, praising him when he's behaving like one, but being unhappy when he feels Ryouga doesn't behave enough like the father he should be.

Bakuryuu Triceratops: When calling for help, that young Bakuryuu managed to e heard by a charismatic chiropractor, Yukito Sanjo, who managed to free him from the Evolian and become his partner. At the beginning, Yukito was reluctant to become an Abaranger, especially without being paid for it , and Tricera feared that he would leave him. Fortunately Yukito's better nature quickly prevailed, and he became his partner. However, despite Tricera being pretty close to Yukito, he can feel uneasy dealing with Yukito's personality, sometimes even being afraid of him. One day, after wishing to become an human, he turned into a little kid (thanks to the power of a well meaning but silly angel). As an human kid, he wasn't able to be recognized by his human and Bakuryuu friends, but he soon met a young woman who helped him against a dog. He soon fell in love with her, and when she dropped an hankerchief, he decided to give it back to her. As he was trying to do that, he met Yukito, who decided to help him find that woman. Even if, eventually, little Tricera had to become back a Bakuryu to fight the Evolian, and therefore, not being able to see her lady friend again, that experience allowed him to strengthen his bond with his partner Yukito

Bakuryuu Pteranodon: a sweet female flying Bakuryuu, who found a partner in a young former idol turned mechanic, Ranru Itsuki, who managed to free her from the Evolian. Ptera is able to fly at very high speed, being able to go to Australia and Russia and come back in Japan very quickly. She's also a sweet Bakuryuu, who wished the best for her partner.

When Tyranno, Tricera and Ptera fuse together, they're able to become Abarenoh, who has shown a major role in defeating the giant Evolian monsters

2) Brachi: Asuka's partner
He's Asuka's partner, and the biggest and wisest of the Bakuryuu. He's the one who holds the other Bakuryuu, releasing him when needed in battle. He's also the voice of reason among the Bakuryuu, and he has a close bond with his partner Asuka. He never hesitates to give him valuable advice, trying to have him do his best. He's also got a poetic side, enjoying Asuka's harmonica and reciting some poetry (actually, excepts from toku songs) whenever he's called in battle. Despite not being able to fuse with the other Bakuryuu, he has sometimes been directly involved in battle.

3) Abarekiller's partners
Bakuryuu Topgaler : A big pterosaur (Tupuxuara to be precise) Bakuryuu who had been sealed by the Ryujin after destroying a city. However, when the Ryuujin wanted to create a very powerful warrior to fight the Evolian, they chose him to become the partner of that warrior, who eventually was revealed to be Abarekiller. When he has been found by Mikoto Nakadai, he was still in his capsule, and he needed Dino Guts in order to be freed from it. However, when Mikoto gave him enough Dino Guts, he was able to get out and became his partner. Topgaler has a personality prety sililar to Mikoto's, and he's enjoying wreaking havoc with him. Topgaler is able to fuse with any Bakuryuu and become a giant in order to fight. He's behaving pretty coldly with Nakadai, calling him "Human", and often wonders about his partner's motivations. However, he actually care for him, often coming to save him and showing concern when Nakadai was suffering. He won't hesitate to ally himself with the other Bakuryuu or even the other Abarangers, if it means saving his partner. At the end, when Mikoto was about to die because his Dino Minder was about to explode, he took him far away towards space, and instead of saving himself, decided to die with his parnter, calling him at last by his name "Mikoto"

Bakuryuu Stegoslidon (a stegosaurus like Bakuryu): At first, his capsule has been found by a little kid, whom he asked from inside it to meet his partners, the Abaranger. Eventually, he finally was able to find the heroes, and helped them by allowing Abarenoh to ride him like a surfboard. However, when Topgaler began destroying Tokyo by creating huge winds with his wings, he tried to attack it, only to be captured and forced to fuse with him, and become KillerOh. Even if he managed to escape, he was however completely amazed by the power he could show while being with Topgaler, and decided to willingly join him and Mikoto. Stegoslidon cares a lot for Mikoto, often being very worried when he put himself in danger. Even if he was unhappy that Nakadai joined the Evolian, he wasn't able to leave because he didn't know where to go. When he realized that Mikoto was putting his life in danger, he didn't want him to change into Abarekiller anymore, and asked the Abarangers to stop Abarekiller. Eventually, when he realized Mikoto would not stop fighting as Abarekiller, he left him to jjoin back the other Bakuryu. However, he still cared a lot for Mikoto, and he felt very sad when Abarekiller died

When fusing together, Topgaler and Stego become te giant Killeroh.

3) The Legendary Bakuryu, Styracosaurus
He first manifested himself in Asuka's dream to show himthe place where was hidden a mysterious rock that he used to create the Styriser which allowed Ryouga to become Abaremax. During the battle against Barurigenia, he appeared for the first time, trailing the DinoCarry and helped them destroy the evil machine. Even if he doesn't speak, he's still able to communicate with the heroes, and even Mahoro,  to give them good advice. He's with Brachio the wisest of the  Bakuryuu

When Fusing with the Dinocarry, he's able to become the giant Maxohja, and fight, mainly with Abaremax, but he has also fought with others.

4) Other Bakuryu

Bakuryuu Bakikeloknuckles "Baki" ( a Pachycephalosaurus like Bakuryu): he's one of the Bakuryuu that Asuka lost while going in Another Earth. He's the first one to be found by Asuka, and he, Jeanne, Ryouga and Yukito fought a lot for his capsule, with eventually Asuka being able to keep it. He managed with Ryouga to give him enough DinoGuts to allow him to go out. He's a Bakuryu with a childish personality,  who helped Asuka by cheering him when he felt depressed because he believed he wasn't able to fight. He's able to fuse with Abarenoh, replacing Tricera, and using his head to do punching attacks against the enemies. However, he's been later captured by Abarekiller, and ended up almost being killed, but eventually ended up being controlled by him instead, even forced to fuse with Killeroh. However, once the Abaranger managed to destroy the Killer Ghost, he was at last freed from Abarekiller, and joined again his partners. He's also able to fuse with Styraco and other Bakuryuu to be part of MaxRyuOh.

Bakuryuu Dimenocodon:  A Dimetrodon like Bakuryuu. His capsule also has been lost by Asuka when he came to Another Earth. Unfortunately, the one who has found his capsule has been Jeanne, who decided to manipulate him into attacking Kyoto and bring terror to the city.  When his fellow Bakuryuu tried to stop him, he attacked them. However, when the situation seemed dire, Asuka remembered that Dimenocodon was a very sensitive Bakuryuu who loved music, and he managed to make him come back to his senses. He then became a precious ally for the heroes, being able to fuse with Abarenoh, and using his sail as a saw. Like Baki, he's been captured by Mikoto Nakadai, and and ended up almost being killed, but eventually ended up being controlled by him instead, even forced to fuse with Killeroh. However, once the Abaranger managed to destroy the Killer Ghost, he was at last freed from Abarekiller, and joined again his partners. He's also able to fuse with Styraco and other Bakuryuu to be part of MaxRyuOh.
When he learnt that Asuka was also being out of control because of the evil armor, he suggested using music to free him, since it had worked with him

Bakuryuu Parasaurokiru: a Parasaurolophus like Bakuryuu. His capsule also has been lost by Asuka when he came to Another Earth, and fell in the Juan Fernández Islands, where he learnt Spanish. He finally came to Japan, following Asuka and the Bakuryuu's scent. He's able to play the piano, and he's able to fuse with Abarenoh, and use his tail as scissors to attack the enemies. He can also fuse with Styraco and other Bakuryuu to become MaxRyoOh.

Bakuryuu Ankilobeilus: a female Ankylosaur like Bakuryuu. Her capsule also has been lost by Asuka when he came to Another Earth. She was the last to be found. At first, she didn't want the Abarangers to find her, because she didn't want to fight, and tried to mislead them when they looked for her. However, she's eventually been found when Yatsudenwani collided with her while chasing Ranru. Soon afterwards, Mikoto and the heroes fought to keep her, and she was pretty annoyed by it. However, because she still liked Asuka, she eventually fought with his friends,  replacing Tricera in Abarenoh, and using her armor as a shield and her tail as a drill. She's also able to fuse with Styraco and other Bakuryuu to form  MaxRyuOh

At the end, all Bakuryuu (except Topgaler) were able to go back to DinoEarth with Asuka, Mahoro and their child.

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