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Abaranger part 3: villains (second part)

2) Evolian part 2: the renegade Ryujin

Among the Evolian,  there were some Dino Earth people who have been deceived into fighting for them, and became bitter enemies of the Abarangers. In an even more cruel twist, those renegade Ryujin were pretty closely related to Asuka/Abareblack.

a) Messenger of darkness Geilton
He was the one who lead the first attack against Another Earth, first by using the brainwashed Bakuryuu Tyranno, Tricera and Ptera into attacking Tokyo, then, once the Bakuryuu have been freed from him, by using the Anomalocaris ship to invade the city. He also fought the Abarangers by himself using the Legendary Armor. However, thanks to Abarenoh, his attack failed, and he was seemingly killed by Jeanne for his failure. However, it has been later revealed that he was none other than Mizuho, Jeanne/ Mahoro's brother, who has been captured and brainwashed into believing Asuka had betrayed them, and that, since he was also seriously injured after his defeat, he asked Jeanne to finish him, in order to her to inherit the power of the evil armor.

Messenger of destruction Jeanne: She was fromerly known as Mahoro, Mizuho's little sister and Asuka's true love, and then wife. She has known Asuka since she was a child, and originally fought with him against the Evolian. However, after she's been captured by the Evolian, she has been deceived by Dezumozorya into believing that Asuka has abandoned her and went with another woman, and the evil God forcibly entered part of him into her body. After giving birth to a child, Mahoro discarded her name and became the evil Messenger Jeanne, obsessed with getting revenge against Asuka and destroying Another Earth. She also used the Legendary armor in her fights. At first, the weakened power of the armor didn't allow her to use it as long as she wished, but she soon restored the full armor's power by attacking Another Earth and collecting the tears of Another Earth people. However, she never felt close to the others fellow Evolian, mostly fighting alone, usually against Asuka, with whom she has a bitter rivalry. She had also a strong rivalry with Abarekiller, which she confronted several times, and she was the first to notice that something was wrong about him. Eventually, she confronted Asuka in a last big showdown, using a second Anomalocaris ship and Barurigenia. However, it was during that fight that Asuka realized that his enemy was none other than his beloved wife. Despite that, Asuka was forced to defeat Jeanne, while at the same time, the second Aomalocaris was destroyed in an explosion.
However, it was soon revealed that Jeanne didn't die in the explosion, but has returned to her original self

Mahoro: after surviving the Anomalocaris explosion, she lost her memory, and was found by the Abarangers. After discovering her identity and realizing that she wasn't their enemy anymore  the Abaranger and their friend had her stay at the Dino-House. During her stay there, she worked as an employee and befriended the Abaranger and their friends, notably little Mai,  even sometimes helping them from headquarters in the fight against the Evolian, while slowly recovering her memory. Her memory has been fully restored once she saw Asuka on the screen, when it has been revealed that he was the one wearing the Legendary armor after her defeat. After meeting and being injured with Asuka, she realized that he was completely unable to free himself from the armor and decided to come back to the Evolian and become Jeanne again. However, she was still on the heroes's side, and she used her position to elaborate a strategy to free her husband and destroy the armor, by using Abarekiller. Afterwards, she stayed among the Evolian as a spy to collect as much information she could to help the Abaranger defeat the Evolian and to save her daughter.

Messenger of Dawn, Lije: A little girl, who is Dezumozorya's host on Dino Earth and who use her as a vessel to send his orders to his servants. She is Mahoro's daughter, born after Mahoro had forcibly recieved some of Dezumozorya's essence in her, and after being born as a baby, she quickly grew up as a little girl. She's  able to make anything cross the dimensions from Dino Earth to Another Earth through her kiss; she therefore the one who sends the Trinoids, the Giganoids, but also Abarekiller and Jeanne to attack Another Earth. When she isn't possessed by Dezumozorya, she behaves like a sweet girl, always there to cheer up her follow Evolian partners. However, she ends up being fed up being merely being Dezumozorya's vessel and sending monsters, and she looked for more to fulfill her life. She soon met Mikoto Nakadai/Abarekiller, and developed a crush on him. She first tried to make him interested in her by allowing him to go to Dino Earth and giving him the opportunity to become the Evolian's leader, but soon she realized that with her child body, Abarekiller would be less interested with her. That's why she did everything to try to develop a nice body. And, finally, at last, she succeeded, becoming

Lijewel. As Lijewel, she had young woman's body, and gained a lot of power. She called herself, the Evolian Queen, and decided to be involved in evil plans on Earth, even fighting herself the Abarangers, while still seducing Mikoto, and developing jealousy feelings towards any woman who might get Mikoto away from her, including Jeanne. However, soon enough, when Mikoto has been revealed as Dezumozurya's Another Earth tone she realized that Mikela and Voffa wanted to bring Dezumozorya back, even if it was at the cost of Mikoto's life, and she helped to twart Dezumozzorya's full restoration by telling Mikoto how Mikela and Voffa used him to wake up the part of Dzumozorya that was dormant in him. However, soon afterwards, the part of Dezumozorya that was inside her took over her body, and she lost control of it, only to briefly regain control in desperate cases,  like when she was able to stop the evil God when he tried to kill Mikoto.

However, even if Lije/ Lijewel, as Dezumozorya's host, was tainted by his evil presence, part of her soul was able to escape Dezumozorya's influence.

That part of her soul took the appearance of a mysterious girl, that had a similar appearance as Lije. At first, she mostly appeared during the fights between Asuka and Jeanne, trying to keep them from killing each other by making them remember the past. She was able to freely get out of Lije's body and come back in it, after wandering on Another Earth. However, when Lije grew herself up into Lijewel, she wasn't able to get back anymore in Lijewel's body, and went to Another Earth and chose Mai as her body host. She soon befriended little Mai, becoming like a big sister for her, and then, the other people at Dino House. She still tried to help Mahoro and the Abarangers, and at the end, was revealed as the "light of miracle", which, once the five Abaranger used all their powers, expelled Dezumozorya from Lijewel's body, making her turn back into a baby, who was Mahoro's daughter, but also Asuka's. Indeed, she was conceived during Mahoro and Asuka's wedding night, and Dezumozorya invaded a pregnant Mahoro to put his essence in her unborn child.

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