Thursday, January 24, 2013

Abaranger final part: my comments

Abaranger being my favorite sentai series, my final review is gonna be very positive; but despite that, I think that Abaranger have also its flaws. So, here is my final thoughts about Abaranger

- Abaranger has characters which are well characterized, and the four main heroes are very likable. The supporting cast is fine as well, with Emiri  Ryunosuke and Mai being pretty well done
- Abaranger has very original ideas: having the black ranger being a mentor figure, and not being able to change  at the beginning, the Red ranger being a father, each dinosaur mecha being a character, who is able to talk with his partner, a monster of the week becoming a likable comic relief character and an evil ranger who stays evil almost until the end
- Abaranger's villains are pretty original, and are very interesting, especially the human looking ones (Jeanne/ Mahoro, Lije/ Lijewel and Mikoto/ Abarekiller);
- Abaranger's main storylines were very well done and brought very intense drama; the Asuka/ Mahoro plot was the highlight of the series; even if its concept wasn't that original (it had already been used in Jetman), the way it was executed was very well done, with a amazing development for both characters and plenty of twists ; the Abarekiller plot was pretty well done too, exploring very interesting ideas, and with a great rivalry between Abared and Abarekiller
- Abaranger's music is amazing, being able to have a very diverse range of tones :  funny, heroic, sad, eerie, nostalgic, hearwarming, sweet, hot blooded,
- The dinosaur motif was pretty well used, in the mechas, the weapons, the heroes's headquarters
- The storytelling is very well done, with almost no plot stalling, since almost every episode made advance the plot, even if it's only with one or two scenes
- the balance between comedy and drama is very well done
- the comedy is usually pretty funny

-  Despite being mostly very likable, Ryouga's behaviour can be annoying at times
- The robots (Abarenoh, Killeroh, and especially Maxohja) are pretty ugly
- Abaranger's action scenes aren't in my opinion that remarkable; they're pretty average
- The Trinoids's designs sometimes look a little awkward 
- Sometimes, the comedy doesn't work too well: the crossover with Tsuribaka Nishi was more weird than funny
- Some Bakuryuu were pretty sidelined and didn't have much development, like Ptera, Parasa, Ankylo, and in a lesser extent, Baki and Dimenoko;

However, Abaranger is still an amazing series, and one of the most original sentai series ever done, well deserving of a score of 9/10

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