Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Godzilla!

On this day 59 years ago, a legend rose from beneath the ocean and became immortalized due to his destructive power and yet animal like innocence. This being is known as GODZILLA or GOJIRA. 

 A product of nuclear weapons and forever symbolizing the destructive power of man and how nature will fight back if need be. Godzilla's Legacy is forever remembered for not just being a monster but giving way to the genre we call Tokusatsu today. Godzilla was my first entrance in the Toku genre and to this day remains my favorite. 

 He was there for me when I was little acting as not only my hero but also representing all the feelings I felt growing up. Feeling angry, sad, alone, etc.  Godzilla was there to be the representation of what I felt. I am forever grateful for Godzilla for being there and hopefully making a better person to everyone around me. Without him there might not be this popularity in Toku there is today and I might not have the wonderful friends I have today. I could so much more as typing this now is very emotional but I want to say Happy Birthday Godzilla though you may be a fictional creature you provide a good representation of real people and feels, thank you Godzilla for being there for me and continue to sleep till we fans need you again. Hail to the king of the monsters and thank you.