Sunday, January 20, 2013

sentai ladies and their animal/ magical creature motif

In Super sentai, a lot of series have animal motifs, with mechas or suits themed with an animal or a magical creature. I felt it would be interesting to notice that the ladies in the teams follows some trends about their creature theme:
Usually, the girls have lighter and/or less impressive animals than the guys
1) In a bunch of sentai series, the girl member (or one of the girls) of the team have the flying (bird or bird-like animal) within the team
- in dinosaurs themed series, the girls have the Pteranodon (Pteraranger in Zyuranger, and Abareyellow)
- in series when the Red member has the dragon, the pink one have the Phoenix (Changephoenix, Houou ranger in Dairanger, Goseipink)
- in Kakuranger, Tsuruhime has the crane as her animal theme

2) In others, the girls have the cutest animals or creature within the different themes: examples: Gingapink has the cat, Magipink has the fairy, Yellow Buster has the rabbit, and in a extent, Shinkenpink has the turtle and Shinkenyellow the monkey (which are cuter than the guys's lion, dragon and bear); other comment in Jetman, while the guys are all bird of prey themed, the girls have the swallow and the swan who look less dangerous; and in Gekiranger, Gekiyellow's second secondary animal mecha is a penguin (and the female mentor is penguin themed)

3) In some series, the girls will have the marine mammal or marine mammal like creature (especially series with blue water themed female ranger) examples: Blue Dolphin (Liveman), Hurricaneblue (both dolphin themed); Changemermaid and Magiblue (Mermaid themed)

4) However, some series have the girls have a badass and impressive animal motif: while big felines are usually for the guys (notably the lion), since Gaoranger, a lot of girls are themed after the badass tiger (Gaowhite, Go-on Silver (she has Jetras as her partner) and Goseiyellow (examples of guys being tiger themed include Kibaranger, Gekired, and in a way, Tigerranger (who is smilodon themed)); and Gekiyellow is themed after the cheetah (okay, the cheetah is less impressive than the guys's tiger and jaguar, but still): and Go-on yellow has a bear theme (bear being mostly a guy animal (ex: Ninjayellow, Shinkengreen); lastly, Kyoryupin has the triceratops, that was the blue warrior dinosaur previously

Last comments:
- even if those animals are usually for girls, it doesn't mean guys can't be themed after them: Ohred, Magired are phoenix themed, Abarekiller is pterosaur themed, Red Buster is cheetah themed (and see above about the bear and the tiger)
- the impressive elephant is usually a girl linked secondary animal (Gaoyellow, Gekiyellow)
- in Abaranger, which has mechas that can be male or female, the impressive ankylosaur is female
- Ohranger is an interesting case, where the guys have animal mechas , but the girls have puppet like mechas (Dogu and Moai); in tune with the ancient civilisation theme of the series ( since Blue's lion is sphinx like (Egypt) and Green's taurus is linked to greek ancient civilization)

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