Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 3 most aggravating Kamen Rider characters I've seen so far

I'm usually a pretty forgiving guy when it comes to toku characters characters in genral. However, there are some characters who have aggravated me beyond belief and even made me despise them. Here is the list of Kamen Rider characters that I just outright cannot stand and surprisingly, Decade isn't on the list. At the time of this post, I've seen Ryuki, Faiz, Decade, W, Fourze, half of Den-O and 4/5 of Wizard.

3. Shuji Mihara/final Kamen Rider Delta:
This guy doesn't stir up much hatred from me, more like major annoyance. He only served to add to the already depressing mood in Faiz. Constantly whining about how he wished he never came back to town or that he didn't want to fight. His indecision actually ends up putting one of his friends in the hospital. I remember shouting at him a few times "They're trying to kill you! You're going to die if you don't fight, you moron!" or "Man up or give the belt to Kiba!". A reluctant character like this would normally be interesting, but this guy came off as more of a crybaby than anything else which didn't do much to help my opinion of him given the already depressing atmosphere in Faiz. There were a lot of points in which he was left with no other choice but to fight and he just waited until a friend of his almost died before he decided to fight.

2. Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger:
This guy...I can't tell you how mad he made while watching Ryuki. He earned this spot on my list not only through his actions but because of his hero complex and outlook on heroism. While he was an interesting character at first, his idea of heroism got on my nerves after a while. His idea of being a hero means that everyone you've ever associated with has to die. Even going so far as to kill his mentor and attempting to kill one of his friends just to follow his idea of "Heroism". I have no sympathy for those who turn on their friends. He is nothing more than a blood-thirsty hero wannabe. It would've been nice if he had at least questioned his mentor's views on heroism instead of just blindly adopting them. So many times I shouted at my screen saying "You are not a hero! You don't deserve to be a hero! Stop acting like you're one!". Granted, he did redeem himself somewhat before he died (its the only reason he is ranked number 2), but I still couldn't help but laugh like a madman when he met his ultimate fate and even replayed that part three times when it happened.

1. Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa:
He is by far the one character on this list that I hate the most. Every time I think about Faiz, I can't help but imagine myself slamming his head into a wall and taking the Kaixa belt. He is a badly written anti-hero. He is the perfect example of someone who should not be a rider. This guy has some kind of vendetta against Takumi and spends a lot of time just beating him up for no reason or just making him look bad all the while spouting that Takumi doesn't deserve to be a rider because Takumi doesn't think that all Orphenochs are evil. I can't tell you how many times I wished Takumi would've ripped his throat out in self defense. He is utterly pointless and serves no other purpose than to force drama with Takumi. I don't care how tragic his backstory was, it does not give him a reason to be such a cruel jerk, especially when its shown that he was actually a nice guy before said incident! Every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to slug him. What is worse is that the show actually makes me cry for him in the end, which only serves to make me despise him more.

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  1. //He is a badly written anti-hero//

    I might be one of those people who doesn't think Kusaka was meant to be an anti-hero. If anything, he was written to be more of a villain protagonist. (He hated both heroes and villains)

    As of Gaim Episode 28, both Masato Kusaka and Takeshi Asakura (Kamen Riders Kaixa and Ouja) have a two-in-one successor.