Friday, August 23, 2013

Joker's Reaction: Ben Affleck is Batman!

Previously Herotaku annouced that the new Batman for the "Man of Steel" sequel will be Ben Affleck. (Full Story here: ).

Now I noticed a lot of reaction around the internet about this news, a lot of what I saw was negative such as this:
Posted Image

Or a comment saying that today Batman died.

Now that is not to say that everyone was up in arms about it. There were people who said to everyone calm down and let it play out. They were telling everyone to stop overracting.
This post I found also explains how many people felt Posted Image

And honestly I am more on the side of the people that say give it a chance. Now I'll be honest I was kind of shocked that Ben Affleck was annouced as Batman, to me it came out of no where because I hardly read anything about Affleck being considered, it was either Bale or Jensen Ackles from "Supernatural." Now would of the choice of Ackles or Bale be better than Affleck? Contrary to what you might think I don't think they would be better choices, I've seen Ackles in other movies and he is only really decent at best and Bale's Batman while I think he is okay, he is like third or fourth in terms of everyone who has portrayed Batman in live action. The reason I think Affleck can pull it off is one he has gotten better over the years in terms of acting. I know people bring up "Daredevil" when talking about Affleck and superhero movies.

But that was 10 years ago, actors get better with time and Affleck is kind of out of that phase in his life where he is considered just a pretty face. He has become an actor in a sense, he acting in "The Town" was good and his acting in Ärgo" has gotten a lot of praise. What I am trying to say is that people can and most of the time do get better with age and that all these reactions about the death of Batman as being really childish honestly. I mean Batman can't be dead who else will I have fun with when I'm causing Chaos in Gotham? Robin? Superman? Croc?

And also somethings to consider, that many of the people who have said to calm down and let it play out is look at Michael Keaton. Now from what I heard and what I found Michael Keaton being Batman was a strange choice and many people didn't like it. Well Keaton pulled it off imo. He was able to portray himself as Bruce Wayne and playboy Billionair and was able to represent the smart detective and awesome crime fighter that is Batman.
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(To think people hated the idea of him as Batman)

And I would like to bring up another actor who portrayed an iconic character in a Superhero film that a lot of people seem to dislike at first, Heath Ledger as the me... I mean the Joker.
Posted Image
(Yeah I remember a lot of the negative comments and reactions people had when Heath Ledger was annouced to be the Joker.)

Yeah I remember a lot of feedback when Ledger was annouced as the Joker, a lot dealing with him being a pretty boy or just not looking menacing enough. Well to a lot of people when that movie came out and they saw Ledger as the Joker, they were terryfied and entertained by Ledger's performance and guess what some of the people that worked in making that discission are working on that "Man of Steel" sequel. So maybe there is a reason that Affleck was chosen to be the new Batman.

So overall my reaction to Ben Afflack being Batman is that I hope for the best, I think Affleck does look the part and I think he has the acting chops to do. But that all remains to be seen. So I hope for the best with the movie and hopefully Affleck will prove all wrong and be a very good Batman, not the one we deserve but the one that we need...or some BS cool sounding thing like that.

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