Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My thoughts on the Subryugers so far (Kyoryugers 7-9)

Since we're about to hit the halfway point of the series, I'd say its about time to give my thoughts on the extra rangers (I've decided to call them the Subryugers since they've mostly had background roles so far) that have appeared so far. While they sounded like they would've been interesting characters, most have just been reduced to guest stars so far. Note: At the time of this post, I've only seen up to episode 23.

He is played by Robert Baldwin who also played in Gran Sazer. The first Subryuger introduced and is partnered with Ankydon. 400 years old. He is revealed to be dead soon after his appearance, with Ami bringing up that he likely died in the line of duty as his ghost likely would've looked older if he had died a natural death. He is a strong example that being a Kyoryuger indeed carries the risk of death. Originally, I expected him to join the team permanently and was a bit disappointed when he didn't. He only threw one punch in his episodes but I found it awesome. 

He hits the giant monster in the head with an energy hammer. Instead of staying and fighting alongside the main six Kyoryugers, he has found another way to be useful to them by tracking down the remaining ZyudenRyu and their partners. He has made a few other appearances here and there, even helping Torin snap Ucchi out of Dogold's influence. I don't have much else to say about him. Though I do like the effect they used for his henshin. He is a big guy so the suit expands to fit him and then snaps back inward to make him thinner.

Played by the same guy who played BoukenSilver. Tessai was the first Kyoryuger to be active and is partnered with Bunpachy. A 1500 year old monk reputed to be able to smash through steel. Being a sucker for kung fu, I immediately decided to do a catch up marathon once he was announced. Sadly he was used in the same way as Ramirez, only there to help the Kyoryugers learn a lesson but at least Ramirez threw a punch at a giant monster after henshining.
Tessai just stuck to the side-lines. I feel that was more of a waste of his skills, he could've been used to actually fight on the front lines or take on the secondary mentor role and continue helping the Kyoryugers grow as fighters.

Dr. Ulshade/KyoryuViolet:
The voice of the announcer for Kyoryuger, the source of their arsenal, and the voice of Buggy the clown in One Piece. Partnered with Plezuon. A funny old man who gets excited very easily and the most modern of the Subryugers we've seen so far. He is way too over-the-top but it works well with him. He has a ton of energy to him. Sadly he didn't get a chance to fight due to throwing his back out during his role call. Though it led to a really funny scene of Daigo using him to fight off the foot soldiers. He seems to only be there as a placeholder for his granddaughter Yayoi to take his place when he retires as a Kyoryuger. Though if he isn't just a guest star, I can see him being a sort of mentor to his granddaughter and helping her grow as a Kyoryuger.

Yayoi/KyoryuViolet II:
The granddaughter of Dr. Ulshade. I only have her listed as a Subryuger for now since its not clear yet if she will be added to the team permanently or just be guest star like the others.
I really hope she is a permanent member of the team because otherwise it would make the handoff from grandfather to granddaughter pointless and would be a bit of a waste of the family dynamic that I'm a sucker for.

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