Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My top 5 Sentai villains

Throughout the entirety of the franchise, there have been many villains. Here is a list of the ones that have had a lasting effect on me. Note: This is my current list based on what I've seen so far, it mostly features more recent villains, and it will probably change once I watch more of the old school sentai series.

5. Dr. Kemp (Liveman):
A former friend of the main 3 Livemen. Even though I haven't finished Liveman yet, he quickly became one of my favorite villains, even if some of his plans border more along the lines of just trolling people (like the maze episode) instead of causing actual havoc. I've only seen about half of Liveman at the time of this post and I'm expecting a great show from him in the second half (his place on the list is most likely to change).

4. Dr. Mazenda (Liveman):
A former friend of the main 3 Livemen and Blue Dolphin's former roommate. She turned herself into a powerful machine yet retained her human form. While she creeped me out at first, I began to warm up to her. She is the star of my favorite arc in Liveman so far. It was a really emotional one that almost made me cry when she symbolically killed her human-self. Like Kemp, I'm expecting an excellent show from her in the second half of Liveman and her spot is probably going to change once I finish the series.

3. Basco (Gokaiger):
A former friend of Marvelous. He betrayed Marvelous and AkaRed and sold them out to the Zangyack just so he could take the ranger keys and claim the greatest treasure of the universe for himself. Armed with a trumpet that could bring ranger keys to life. He was the one who found the missing sixth ranger keys. He was hands down the biggest threat that the Gokaigers faced. His rivalry with Marvelous was excellent and thrilling with lots of action packed fight scenes. Seeing him get under Marvelous' skin made it even better. Deceitful and scheming, he even used the most powerful army in the universe as pawns so he could steal 5 grand powers while the Gokaigers were distracted.

2. Wolzard (Magiranger):
For the purposes of this list, I'm going to talk about the purple Wolzard, since he was technically a villain at that time. The father of the main five Magirangers. Blagel was put under N Ma's curse and forced to be solely obedient to him. Despite that, his concept of honor still shined through N Ma's dark magic. The discovery of his identity was a heart-wrenching discovery for the Magirangers, especially for Kai, who wasn't sure whether he should save his father or kill him. His relationship to the Magiranger's led for some truly gripping moments. While he wasn't as ruthless as N Ma's other generals, he still showed that he was a force to be reckoned with. An awesomely powerful and honorable villain.

1. Long (Gekiranger):
Deliciously evil and creepy as heck. His actor really ate up the role. Long is a villain who wanted nothing more than to destroy the world. However, he was also very patient. Waiting centuries to find the right person to turn into a god of destruction. Even going so far as to slaughter Rio's family in front of him to send Rio down the path of destruction. His entire motivation for this plan was because he was bored. He is the type of destruction villain that I admire the most. Cold, emotionless, calculating, and above all, patient. Not only was he powerful but his very presence was extremely unsettling, even to his allies. Constantly popping out of nowhere (which always made Mele jump), getting way too close for comfort, and doing all that with this cold, emotionless stare just to ratchet up the creepy factor. He seems have found a great balance between scary and creepy. I have yet to see a villain who terrifies me more. All in all, he is just really fun to watch on screen.


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  2. Taylor, you have no idea what's in store for you with Kemp. Just wait and see, he's gonna really surprise u.

    Between Kemp and Mazenda, I think Mazenda was the most human...and your fave arc is also mine! It's really an awesome episode, to see her suffer with her decision.

    I share some of your decisions. My list is: 1) Kemp (you'll see why near the end of the series :D) 2)Long and 3) Basco 4) Abarekiller 5) the Vyram (yes, the entire group was great to me :))

    1. Cool. Looks like the second half of Liveman is gonna be a fun ride then.