Saturday, February 2, 2013

Power Rangers MegaForce: First Episode Impressions

I haven't been this excited for PR premiere in a while. Saban definitely went all out with the marketing for this season.

The theme song is ok, like Samurai it is just another version of the MMPR theme just with the words changed a bit and "MegaForce" added to the lyrics.

Overall it was a nice first episode with some nice little references. Normally I don't like series that try to make money soley off nostalgia (some exceptions of being series like Gokaiger). I love the feel to the rangers and the return of the unmorphed fights, something we haven't seen a long time. The premiere brought back some good memories of MMPR and gave nods to other PR seasons, my personal favorite being the return of the established "hangout". This one being very aptly named "Ernie's". I feel it is a nice throwback to both MMPR and a way to pay respect to the actor who played Ernie who died a while back. They also used the phrase "Its morphin' time" before saying their actual morphing phrase "Go Go MegaForce".

As for the rangers themselves, its a nice bunch of high school kids, each one seemingly very unique.

Troy: The new kid in town and leader of the team. He seems to have a background in martial arts.
Noah: The science guy. I see him as a new take on Billy from MMPR. The way he fought unmorphed seems to be a reference to Bulk and Skull in MMPR with him inadvertantly hitting the enemy while trying to avoid them.
Jake: The athletic one. His unmorphed fight in the episode was actually kind of creative and was my favorite. You get to see him fighting off the foot soldiers (I refuse to call them Loogies) by kicking around a soccer ball.
Gia: The popular girl off the group. I like how they made her the popular girl and didn't take the obvious route and making Emma the popular one. Like Troy she seems to have some martial arts skills.
Emma: She is the enviromentalist type and cares greatly for nature. She seems to have a bit of creativity in battle, such as when she was unmorphed and being overwhelmed by the foot soldiers, she blinded them with a camera flash and proceeded to kick their butts.

Now for something that I know caused a bit of debate between me and a few friends: The use of the ranger keys. The ranger keys are indeed in the show though at this point they are just "window-dressing" for the command center. Though they do give a bit of creedience to the rumor that was floating around a while back that GokaiSilver may appear in season 2 of MegaForce.

Overall an excellent premiere episode with a nice bit of nostalgia. My only real complaint about the premiere is that at the end, they had Emma re-use Kimberly's worst line from MMPR, "The helmet messes up my hair.". Even if she was just joking that is still the dumbest thing you could have her say.

But anyways, it was an excellent start for the season. All in all I give the first episode an 8.9 out of 10.

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