Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NiroLegends/KudoNiro/MugenRed: Ultra-Act Mebius Review

                MEBIUS!!! Ahh...it's nice to have Ultra-Acts. Well, first things first before we start this review. As I mentioned on my NiroLegends Facebook Page, I will be using this blog a lot for updates, and maybe including Weekly Tokusatsu, and other things. Also, every post I make will be shared on my page as well, so you can like my page here to get updates. 
                Anyways, back to the review. To start off, once again, I love the front cover. It has that glittery face of Mebius which really stands out as a cover. Now, the back of the box is pretty similar to Ultra-Act Zero's, but this one does include a picture of another product. In the big picture, we have Mebius showing off his blade, but sadly...Zamusha isn't included in the Ultra-Act. (Sad Face). However, I do like all the example poses the back cover gives me, that way I don't have to go back to the show and see what looks good. 
                   Now this is where it gets interesting. Before I start, please note that I am reviewing about MY Ultra-Act, so that all the information about the joints might NOT apply here. Anyways, My Ultra-Act Mebius's joints and accessories are disappointingly loose. The joints are better, but it's still loose enough to get on people's nerves. The body is still made of mostly plastic like all the other Ultra-Acts. The hand joints are actually not that loose, but loose enough to make me not spend 30 minutes switching them like I had to do with the Zero figure. Now, I am not saying that loose joints are a good thing, I am just saying that you will have to deal with it if you come across it. Also, I think the black shading on the sides of his eyes make him look pale and evil.   
                  Ultra - Act Mebius does come with accessories, but he doesn't come with that much, or maybe I am just spoiled by Ultra - Act Zero. Mebius comes with 4 accessories, the Knight Brace Sword, the Red Color Timer, the Mebius Shoot, and the Mebius Punch. The color timer pops up a little bit on the body which makes it look weird, and is a bit loose. The Knight Brace is also a bit loose, but the Knight Brace Sword is extremely loose, so I try to not mess with it as much. The Mebius Shoot has to be my favorite accessory. The fact that it isn't loose and is really easy to put on just makes me fall in love with it. Well, not literally of course. For the Mebius Punch, it's really hard to get it on especially with the loose parts. The effect part of the accessory is actually made of soft plastic, so it can be a bit fragile.
                        Ultraman Mebius also comes with 3 interchangeable hands. The three that he has are the pretty basic ones. They are the flying hands, the spread open hands, and the default knuckle hand. Nothing special here since he can't, or doesn't have any weapons to hold, nor does he have a special hand pose (Besides the V from Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers, but that will probably come in a future release of Mebius Infinity)
            Now, to sum it all up, I think this figure is decent. It's obviously not as great as the Zero figure, but it's got its good points. I don't really recommend this if you have another Ultra - Act you want to buy, or if you want a "first", you should get Zero. He does require a bit of playing around to understand. I rate this figure a 7/10 for all the things I said in this review. Once again, thank you for taking your time to read this review. ^_^

This was the head of NiroLegends/KudoNiro/MugenRed

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