Thursday, February 14, 2013

My thoughts on Wizard's and Beast's upcoming forms and pacing of Haruto aquiring new forms

First off, I'll just start off by saying that I do not care much for how Wizard's Infinity Style looks. The shape of the helmet just looks awkward to me and the chestplate is just unnessecary. Though I do like the nice shade of silver on the rest of the suit. I don't much care for Infinity Style's weapon...I was betting on it being a staff and if it functions like the WizarSwordGun for Haruto's other forms, it will likely be a combination ax/sword/gun.

Beast Hyper looks better to me though it does look quite similiar to Meteor Storm, this is mostly due to the similar color scheme and the similar chestplate. The lion blaster looks incredibly well done and it is my favorite of the two upcoming weapons.

Now here comes the part that I've been thinking about ever since Hurricane Dragon showed up, the pacing of Haruto getting new forms and upgrades. Quite frankly, he is getting too many way too fast. He already had enough weapons/upgrades/abilities when the series began due to all the magic rings he possesses. The fact that he would have a dragon form for each of his elemental styles sounded cool at first, but the pacing between his aquisition of those forms didn't leave much breathing room and quite honestly haven't helped advanced the plot much. The only ones that did help advance the plot even a tiny bit was the Water Dragon stone, which showed the stones came from Wiseman and showing that he actually wants Haruto to use them to become stronger (which hasn't been brought up again), and the Land Dragon stone that was delivered to Koyomi by a mysterious new phantom. However, now they mostly serve to provide him with new ways to beat a phantom over the head.

Granted, Haruto aquiring new forms so quickly can probably be attributed to going overboard on the toy-line, but thats still 8 forms (counting his four normal elemental forms) in under 25 episodes, not to mention a multitude of new rings. That is insanely fast. We've barely had enough time to get used to the 4 Dragon forms, and they are throwing Infinity at us soon. Each of the Dragon forms have barely been used for 2 episodes before the next one comes along. What started out as cool ideas for story points have, at the time of this post, been reduced to nothing more than just asthetic changes and ways to show how awesome Haruto's powers are. Its making me a bit afraid that Haruto will be one of those form spamming riders and only rely on his most powerful form and neglecting the others.

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