Sunday, February 17, 2013

My thoughts on Wizard thus far.

At this point in time I have seen up to episode 23 of Kamen Rider Wizard. I was excited for Wizard when it first started and hoping it would be as good as Fourze was to me. Though I must say as it stands at the moment it is just an ok series, I don't really have much of an opinion at this point. So far the main reason I keep watching is because of Koyomi's plot-line and the White Wizard. The cast also doesn't bring the same amount of energy to the table that Fourze did.

I don't care much for Haruto, mostly because he just sounds bored to me when he fights and for the most part its like he is just toying with the phantoms. His also has way to many powers for at the moment. Half of the rings he has at the moment are mostly one-shots and only serve to give him new ways to show off. Arguably, the only challenging opponent Haruto even had was Phoenix but once the Dragon Forms started showing up, he became somewhat of a moot point and I'd rather not talk about my issues with Phoenix as that would take too long. He hasn't had much developement as a character. I think he needs to see a Gate become phantom right before his eyes again to challenge the strength of his resolve and hope.

Rinko has proven somewhat useful in helping get information on the Gates who are being attacked and can occasionly get info on the Phantom's human forms.

The plot in the beginning was ok, though its slowly gotten a bit more boring and hasn't elaborated much on what the phantoms are and why they become evil when they are born. The pacing of Haruto aquiring new forms has been way too fast (already made a previous post about so I won't say too much) and hasn't helped advanced the plot much, if at all. Wizard isn't even being subtle about being 22-24 minute toy commercial anymore. Seriously, we've barely gotten used to the dragon forms and they are throwing Infinity at us soon. At least Fourze was more subtle about the toy thing and most of his switches actually served a purpose in battle.

I honestly don't care for Beast because I was expecting an awesome more serious character than what we got. His mayo obsession is borderline annoying and his life or death situation due to his contract with Chimera hasn't been touched on much (granted at the time of this post, he hasn't been on the show that long). Haruto even over-shadowed Beast during his own premier eps. The condition of his powers lead me to believe that he will not survive. And he is about as annoying as Shunpei (who I want to punch in the mouth everytime he says something stupid).

Now for one of the coolest things I've seen in the show so far: The Drago-Timer. I love its design, even if it makes Haruto far too broken. It works like the copy ring only it has a time limit. I'm curious to see the limits of that device and I really hope that its not a one-shot weapon, Haruto has far too many of those.

Now for the reasons that have kept me watching: Koyomi and the White Wizard. I'm very interested in seeing how they will handle Koyomi's plot-line since there are effectively two seperate versions of her: the doll and the phantom. I'm predicting a sort of paradox-type situation where one gets absorbed by the other. The White Wizard is certainly very interesting and I'm curious to find out who is behind the mask and why he chose Haruto to fight the phantoms instead of doing it himself.

So far, its an ok series, but the fact that a feel nothing for both of the riders kind of detracts from the series. Seriously, there is something wrong when I find the supporting cast more interesting than either of the riders.

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