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Bakuryuu and endings in Abaranger episodes; Engines and narration in Go-onger episodes

Abaranger and Go-onger each have talking mechas, who are in fact pretty much characters in their respective series. And in each of those series, a mecha has a special role in an episode; in Abaranger, in each episode, just before the ending, a Bakuryuu introduces the stinger; and in Go-onger, in each episode, an Engine is a narrator.
Let's see how each Bakuryuu and each Engine are involved

Let's begin with Abaranger, and which Bakuryuu is involved in the endings:

Tyranno appears the most with 14 episodes; Brachio is second with 11, Triceratops (kera) is third with 9, Ptera comes next with 7.
Topugeira appears in 3, and each one of the others (Stego (17), Pachycero (49), Paras (33), Dimenocodon(42) and Ankylo (26)) appear once; the last one , no Bakuryu appears, but it's Yatsudenwani who takes the spot.

Now, after the numbers, which Bakuryu appears in what kind of episodes:
Tyranno: appears through the whole series, but a little less during the middle; he is of course present in Ryouga centric episodes (3, 9, 25, 37) but also in some plot heavy ones (but less important than Brachio's) or with new Bakuryu arrivals (episode 1, 7, 12-13,16, 31, 38, 46 ) and in some fillers (44, 45)
Kera: as expected in Yukito focused episodes (2,5, 10, 15, 24, 27,36) and some Abarekiller focused episodes (18 and 23); most of his episodes are in the first half of the series
Ptera: as expected too, in Ranru focused episodes (4,6, 14, 21, 35) but also in the Emi-pon episode (11) (so to sum up, Ptera is in the girl centric episodes) and in one of the episodes introducing Abarekiller (19): like Kera, most of them are in the first half
Brachio: two notables points: he is mostly in the second half (9 of his 11 episodes) and never in filler episodes: he appears in the most plot heavy, epic and dramatic episodes (which are mostly in the second half) either about Asuka and Mahoro (8, 28, 32, 39, 40, 47) or Abarekiller ones (20, 30, 34, 43, 48): as the most serious and wise Bakuryu, he appears in the most serious episodes
Topugeira : he appears in episodes where important events about Mikoto begins ( 22, 29 (his bonding with Lije) and 41 (the reveal about him and the Big Bad)
the others : it's mostly random, they appear mostly in the second half, either in fillers (17, 26) , plot heavy ones (42, 49) or in between (33)
and in the finale, it's the sympathetic Yatsudenwani who's there.

and let's check now Go-onger; it's gonna be shorter, first, because it's more difficult to really do a fine analysis, and then, because I'm more an Aba fan than a Go-on fan :
Speedor is by far the most frequent narrator, with 15 episodes, including the first and last one; Buson comes next with 8, closely followed by Gumpherd, with 7; next comes BearV with 5 episodes, then Carrigator and Birca are tied with 4 each; Jumbowhale comes next with 3, and finally, Triptor and Jetras come last with 2 each
The identity of the narrator doesn't mean that the episode is automatically focused about his (or her) human partner, although it's often the case: some example: Speedor narrates the girl power episode, and a go on gold focused episode was narrated by Buson; besides, engines could be narrators of either fillers or key episodes; no real discrimination between them

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