Friday, December 6, 2013

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger confirmed!!!!

Here is our first pics of the 2014 Sentai Series, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger!!! ^_^ What is your first reaction?

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  1. My initial reaction when I saw this: "Is this a joke? Seriously"
    I mean, wow..... just wow. Bit shocking (in wrong way).
    I don't have much positive to talk about.

    II don't like the helmet design. It looks very lame and it looks like generic grunts.
    I do like that it has number though, which is OK.

    As for suit though, it's nice to see that it has number like Go-Onger and Dekaranger, but the overall design is so bland and cheap that doesn't have enough creativity. It's just.... lame IMO. Even Magiranger had better suit design IMO (I REALLY didn't like the show AND the suit).
    ...OK maybe not that bad, but close.
    Looks like something average cosplayer design for convention.
    It's nice that yellow is back though.

    As for robot, it's very bland, simplistic, and cheap. It looks incredibly stiff and blocky.
    I do like that Bandai decide to retain "pink" arm, similar to Kyoryuzin though.

    Overall, I'm not all that impressed with suit and robot design.
    Toei really dropped the ball on design this time, but I hope show is going to be good; afterall, Gingaman and GoGo V suit design were not impressive (IMO), and show turned out great. Let's hope for the best.