Monday, October 10, 2016

My Concerns For The Upcoming MMPR Movie: Part 2

I honestly thought I wouldn't be doing another post like this about the movie. However, more information on the movie has come out...and well I'm not impressed...and thats putting it mildly.
The mecha teasers are unfortunately what I expected. So far, they look very much like Michael Bay's Transformers. If you removed the colors, you couldn't tell which ranger they belong to at first glance. It actually took about an hour after looking at the T-Rex zord's teaser to realize Jason was sitting on the tail and not the head. I had a similar issue with the Mastodon zord since I couldn't tell whether Zack was sitting on the trunk or tusk. Granted these are just partial shots of the zords so hopefully the full versions will look better. With that being said, of the 5 mecha so far, Billy and Trini's posters look the best since its easier to make out than the other 3.

Oh boy did they miss the mark with the red ranger's power sword. How much do you have to overthink in order to mess up modernizing a sword of all things? There isn't even a defined handle on it. I've seen people say that the sword will be held the same way Zhane held the Silverizer in In Space. Thats forgetting that Zhane held it that way because it was a gun with a sword mode. Thats why the guard for the Silverizer wrapped around his wrist. I don't think the new power sword will have that functionality. In a way, it sort of sums up my issue with most of the visual updates for the movie so far. A lot of them feel pointless and like they were changed merely for the sake of changing them.
I knew I wasn't going to like that trailer. I knew exactly what they were going to do and how it was going to play out as soon as the movie was announced.Why are the colors so dark? It felt like a generic teen movie trailer to me. They even pulled out the"problem teenager" set up in the trailer. I'm iffy on Angel Grove high being portrayed as a school for problem kids. Yeah its a bit more realistic than the uber-happy, no-drama, high school in MMPR but its a border-line cliche at this point. New takes on MMPR is fine but this one isn't exactly new, its doing something simply because it helped sell other movies. Yes its just the first trailer and there will probably be others but its a bad first impression. Its a well cut trailer but thats about it. I actually don't mind them getting civilian powers but I just wish Jason and Billy had displayed different powers. As of right now, my expectations are lower than what they already were. With that being said, if there is one major thing I can take solace in regarding this least it probably won't be like Power/Rangers.
I hate being negative about a Power Rangers movie of all things but so far, I'm really not seeing anything to get excited about. Yes its something extra the fandom is getting alongside the tv show but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to be happy when it looks nearly un-recognizable as Power Rangers. This looks like a nostalgia cash-in meant to be sold on name recognition in my opinion. So much has been changed at this point that I honestly think they should've just made this its own separate thing instead of slapping the name Power Rangers on it. I don't see this movie failing at the box office but I would prefer to have an actual good movie more than anything else. Sure, I might be wrong and the movie may actually be good but given how Hollywood treats nostalgic properties and what they've released so far about the movie, I don't think thats likely. My objections aren't coming from a place of nostalgia, it just feels like they've missed the point and feel of Power Rangers. Of course I'm still gonna see it because I'm a Power Rangers fan and I want to see if I'm wrong.

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