Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kamen Rider Gaim writers

Following my series of posts about toku writers, here are the writers of Kamen Rider Gaim

Gen Urobuchi (main writer) :   1-7, 8 (with Toriko Nanajo), 9, 10 (with Gan Sunaaku), 11 (with Nobuhiro Mouri), 12-17, 18-19 (with Mouri), 20-24, 25-26 (with Jin Haganeya), 27, 28 (with Haganeya), 29, 31-32, 33 (with Norimitsu Kaiho), 34 (with Hagenaya), 35-36, 38 (with Haganeya), 39-40, 41-42 (with Haganeya), 43, 44 (with Haganeya), 45-46 (44 episodes)
Toriko Nanajo : 8 (with Urobuchi) (1 episode)
Gan Sunaaku : 10 (with Urobuchi) (1 episode)
Nobuhiro Mouri : 11, 18-19, (all three with Urobuchi), 30, 37 (5 episodes) He also wrote the crossover with Toqger
Narimitsu Kaiho : 33 (with Urobuchi) (1 episode)
Jin Haganeya : 25-26, 28, 34, 38, 41-42, 44 (all those with Urobuchi) 47 (9 episodes)

Kamen Rider Gaim is pretty much an homage to the early Heisei Rider shows such as Agito, Kuuga, Ryuki and Faiz. Gaim has a very tightly written storyline, with the season being pretty much a season long storyline with almost no filler episodes, which is pretty similar to how Inoue was writing his Rider shows. As such, it's logical that the main writer had to handle pretty much almost every episode in order to keep a good continuity episode by episode.

And indeed, Gen Urobuchi, the main writer, wrote almost every episode of Gaim : 44 out of 47. The only episodes he didn't writer were episode 30 and 37 which were specials linked to movies (the Kikaider and the Gaim movies) and 47, which is an epilogue episode. He also didn't writer the crossover with Toqger.

However, while Urobuchi was involved in almost every episode, in 14 episodes, he wrote with a co-writers. Those co-writers are pretty much the secondary writers of Gaim. Sometimes those writers were only involved in 1 episode, with the cases of Nanajo, Sunaaku and Kaiho.
However two of those secondary writers deserve a little more focus :
- Nobuhiro Mouri co-wroter three episode with Urobuchi in the first half of Gaim. More importantly, Mouri wrote the Gaim vs Toqger crossover, the Kikaider crossover episode (episode 30) and the episode linked to the movie (episode 37).  Unlike Urobuchi, Mouri has been  also involved in previous Toei tokusatsu shows, as secondary writer of Kamen Rider OOO and Go-Busters. As such, he was the appropriate writer for "movie promoting and crossover" episodes stuff.
- Jin Hanageya was the one who was involved in the most episodes after Urobuchi, co-writer of 8 episodes, and writer of the epilogue. All his episodes are in the second half of the show. He the one who was involved with Urobuchi during the longest gap in the series, and likely Urobuchi's favorite co-writer, and it's significant that Urobuchi let him write the epilogue episode.

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