Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ToQger: Return of the Orange

I know this is a bit late, but I just wanted to let the news settle so I could gather my thoughts before making this post. Toy scans have revealed that we will see the return of a color that has been rarely used in Sentai: The color orange. I'm excited to see the color orange make a comeback. It is a color that the franchise definitely needs more of, along with navy, crimson, and violet.
Before now there have only been three times when this color has been used in Sentai. Those are the two Battle Cossacks and DekaSwan. While the case could be made for her being a white ranger, I like to count her as orange because that color takes up most of her suit and it is the most noticeable color on it.
With that being said, my love for the color orange wasn't actually derived from Dekaranger or even Battle Fever J, it came from a lovable goofball who wore the color as a ranger in a dream for only a single episode. Thats right, it came from SPD's comic relief and general punch-line, Boom.

He was my favorite character in the show and out of everyone in the show, he was the one that I felt deserved to be a ranger the most. I was a bit disappointed that he never got to become one as he would've been perfect as green after Sky got promoted to red and Bridge became blue. I always felt that he was the character with the most heart in the show. Even after he was essentially denied his dream of becoming a ranger, he never let it get him down and decided to support the team from the side-lines to the best of his ability. All of that combined with his speech in the season finale pretty much solidified him as deserving to be a ranger in my eyes.
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I will gladly await the appearance of ToQ6 so we can count him among the few orange rangers in the history of Sentai and eventually Power Rangers. I really hope he will be a great character. Overall, he has the best suit design out of the ToQgers. The straps going down the front of the suit are a nice touch and I love the helmet. As for the henshin device being a smartphone, I think its better than the main five's henshin devices. Seriously, those things are so bulky that they don't even need to henshin, all they'd have to do is backhand the grunts and the monster.

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