Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mega Charizard X Revealed!

No you are not misreading this, it has been announced today via Pokemon Youtube channel and, that Charizard will indeed have another Mega Evolution, Mega Charizard X!

Here is the information we have about Mega Charizard X.  It Mega Evolves through holding the item Charizardite X.  When Charizard becomes Mega Charizard X it becomes a Fire- and Dragon type pokemon.  Charizard gets an increase in its attack stat and it gains the ability of Tough Claws which increases the attack of moves that make direct contact.  It also only exclusive to Pokemon X.

And also a note of interest is that Mega Charizard X also appears in the Pokemon Origins anime special, where the information about Mega Charizard X was first revealed. 

 Here are some screenshots of Mega Charizard X from the trailer. 

Pokemon X & Y will be released on October 12th for the Nintendo 3DS.

For more information on Mega Charizard X and Pokemon X & Y follow the links below.

Pokemon Youtube channel
Pokemon Website

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