Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My favorite Pokemon from each generation (Gens 1-5)

Pokemon is one of the things that filled my childhood. I've been of pokemon for about as long as I've been a fan of Power Rangers and anime. Its one of the things that helped make me the semi-nerdy person I am today. With Pokemon X/Y dropping soon, I figured its about time I shared my favorite pokemon from each generation with you guys.

Gen 1: Growlithe
This one is my favorite more personal reasons than the others meaning he is the one pokemon on this list that I don't use in a battle team much. The reason its my favorite stems from James' Growlithe in the anime and how it still remained loyal to him despite not seeing him for years and even being able to recognize him when he returned. It was heart-breaking to see him leave his Growlithe with his parents for the second time. Growlithe's shiny version is the one shiny pokemon I want to find the most because I like the golden coloring to its fur. I honestly didn't know how much I liked Growlithe until I decided to replay my Leaf Green version a few years ago. I didn't even notice that I had started crying when I got to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town and talked to the first person I saw in the tower, they said were there to bury their beloved Growlithe.

Gen 2: Tyranitar
This is one Pokemon that I will almost always put on my battle team as soon as I get it. This thing is insanely strong and I highly regard it as being the Dragonite of Gen 2. It also makes a great double battle partner for my Dragonite. While I normally try to stay away from pokemon who take four times the damage from a single type (in this case Tyranitar gets crushed by fighting pokemon since its a rock/dark type), using this thing is worth the risk.

Gen 3: Gardevior
This thing is hands-down my favorite psychic type. I always make it a point to put one on my team if its available through solo methods (i.e. no trading or transfering from an older game) ever since I first played Sapphire. This thing was a major pain to find. It took me roughly an hour to find a Ralts back then but its well worth the wait. Normally I try to nature grind (meaning I keep resetting until I find the one I'm looking for) to get the best nature for certain pokemon, which in this case would be a nature that boosts special attack, but Ralts takes so long to find I just say "Screw it, I'll keep the first one I find". Strangely my luck got better through each replay in Sapphire and other games so I usually end up with nature I was looking for on the first shot.

Gen 4: Garchomp
I like the way this thing looks and the way its types work out (Dragon/Ground). Its a more effective pokemon than the other dragon/ground combo pokemon Flygon and its one of my favorite dragon types in the game. Its got a lot of what I look for in a dragon type, nice speed and great attack power so it fits my play-style perfectly. I don't have much of an interesting story for why I originally decided to use this thing, I just thought Gible looked strong so I put it in my team. I'm so glad that decision didn't end up back-firing on me like Drudigon did in Gen 5.

Gen 5: Bisharp
Its design is just awesome. The thing is basically a living razor blade. Like Tyranitar, its one of the exceptions to my rule about not using dual type pokemon when both types are weak to the same type. Its well worth the risk and since it can learn Aerial Ace and has great defense, fighting types aren't usually a problem for it. I first decided to train one after I hit a wall fighting Gen 5's Elite Four and oh boy, I was astounded at how strong it was. I searched specifically for a Pawniard with the ability Defiant just in case they tried debilitation moves on it and taught it Aerial Ace and Brick Break to handle any surprises they might have. This thing butchered 3/4 of the league all by itself. All I even had to use was this guy and Haxorus during the first time I beat the league. This thing earned a permanent spot on my team after that.

Anyway, those are my favorite pokemon from all the Gens so far. I'm really looking forward to Gen 6 and I might be getting my hands on a 3DS sometime in the near future.
I'm looking forward to the new batch of pokemon and I wonder which Gen 6 pokemon will make it onto this list but only time will tell. Until then my fellow trainers, keep playing and aiming for the top.

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