Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MegaForce cameo announcements: Good or Bad? My take on the fandom's reaction to some of the announcements

Over the last couple months we have been recieving updates on actors who will return, possibly return, or just flat-out won't return. While these have worked and gotten the fans excited, it has also naturally resulted in fans being angry and, most ridiculously, fans outright claiming an actor is greedy for not returning due to the lack of pay. Any fandom is hard to please, not just the PR fandom. Here are my thoughts on the fan reactions:

While mostly intended to get the fandom fired up, it has also back-fired in a sense. Most notably in Saban's rejection of bringing the Titanium ranger back due to budgetary issues. People have begun circulating petitions to bring him back. I know he was the first purely Amercan-made ranger, and I do respect that and understand their anger, but I'm sorry, that alone does not qualify him to have any more consideration than any other ranger. I've heard fans even go so far as to say that they will not be watching just because that one guy won't show up. We have the potential of getting 19-24 past rangers back for this season and they choose to linger on the fact that this one guy got rejected. We're getting a lot of people back this season, that more than out-weighs him not coming back. Yeah it sucks that he won't show up but I understand why.

I am outright shocked to see people calling certain actors greedy for not returning for the low pay they were being offered. I actually got into a discussion with someone who did that and what infuriates me the most is that the guy did not consider a few things: 1. It might not cover their expenses to get there and back. There are hotel expenses and food, not to mention the time they'd have to spend on flights and other stuff. 2. If they'd have to take time off of their regular work to do that, they'd lose the money they could've made by staying at their job if they chose to go and film. There is a lot more involved in a cameo than just flying to New Zealand and showing up on set. 3. It may not have just been about money, these people have lives and other responsibilities to worry about than just shooting a show. Seriously, I still can't believe I had to explain it to him. The actors he accused of being greedy where the actors for Rocky and Aisha.

Now for the fans accusing Saban brands of being greedy: Stop assuming they can't pay them more money because they're greedy. They are most likely using up a good chunk of the budget remaking and resizing suits for the second half of MegaForce, not to mention editing the stock footage, and hiring more suit actors for the eventual Legend War event. Lets also not forget the writing. So yeah, all of that takes precedent over bringing actors in for cameos. There is likely a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that we do not know about. DO NOT always assume its the production company being greedy. They have a set budget for what they can and can't do it.

These cameo announcements have brought out arguably the worst part of the fandom (yes even worse than the portion that thinks MMPR is the best thing ever created and regards the other seasons as trash compared to it...but thats a rant for another day), it has brought out those who get pissed simply because their favorite rangers won't be returning for one reason or another. I will say here what I've said to this portion of the fandom time and time again: Please let it go! If they can make it, thats good but if they can't then thats fine too. These people have lives outside of the show. They've got families and responsibilities that they can't overlook. They likely don't have the time to fly across the world for very little money when they have other stuff to take care of and its not right to force them to do so (which is what some of the fandom would do judging by some of the responses I've read). They've moved on past their time on the show and its about time the fandom moves past it too. Though I must admit that I'm a little pissed that they brought Casey's actor back for JF. I would've prefered RJ's actor since he was the most memborable character in JF but I can deal with it because as I said before, its not a big deal.

Anyways, thats how I feel about certain parts of the fandom (those parts really make me want to strangle them). Since we've got about 10 actors who have been confirmed to return, here is my "wish-list" of who I'd like to see come back from some of the remaining teams for Super MegaForce.

MMPR/Zeo: Adam (though JDF will probably fill the MMPR slot)
Ninja Storm: Hunter or Blake (preferably both as I'm a sucker for the family dyanicm)
Dino Thunder: Trent
SPD: Boom (since its about time the dude got to be a ranger and I feel he deserves to be honored as one after his speech)
Mystic Force: Zander or Chip (either one is fine with me)
RPM: Ziggy

And last but not least, the one ranger I want to see come back the most: The Phantom Ranger. I'd really love for Saban to bring his character back because I feel like they never fully closed his story. We still don't know who he is. Super MegaForce would be the perfect chance to close the book on this mystery though I know they won't do that and that they've probably forgotten that the character even existed.

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  1. i agree with bringing the phantom ranger back. He needs a good closing story on his
    character. I just wished the company would take into some consideration on the fact that many actors/rangers did want to go (I've seen and heard interviews that would prove some of this not all but some) but when they asked for help for travel the company said no and all they really asked for was some help with explaining to the jobs they have now to why they were taking off the extended time off. David Yoast had thoughts of coming back but in the end he just didn't take period plus bad history do makes sense in some way ya know. As for the titanium ranger coming back but not being able to that was a big disappointment on both sides fault. yes it would have awesome to see him in a cameo since yes he is american made period but the company didn't even try to push the issue on trying from what I've heard in some interviews for various actors/rangers. Of course everything else is fuzzy for me. But I will say this again as before. If saban doesn't play their cards right as in who to bring back (doesn't really matter at this point) then the generation that built them will be the ones to take them out. I still plan on watching what I can catch based on my busy schedule with Super Megaforce. I just wish it little more clear to as what's going on or Saban in many ways should have kept this hush hush until the series launched ya know.