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KudoNiro aka JyudenFourze aka UltraCyclone: SHFiguart Kamen Rider Ouja Review

                 Let's begin..the hell's review... No, seriously, that's what I would say in real life... considering the things I do in real life, but that's not of concern right now. What we are reviewing this time is the ONE AND ONLY.... Kamen Rider Ouja! Yes, he is one of my favorite riders and probably many people's as well. I do have to admit that his design is amazing and just his idea and story is just epic. And I could go on forever about him, but enough of the character, let's get on with the figuarts review! 
                 To begin, I love Ouja's box design. Kamen Rider Ryuki's series's figuart box designs have to be one of my personal favorites. The front shows an amazing art of the rider with shiny colored words. The back, is what catches your eyes (even though you usually see the front first). The back cover displays images of the rider with some kind of "cracked" mirror, a reference to the Mirror World. The back doesn't show as much images as some other figuarts, but it's enough to make you want to buy him. 
                 Now let's take a look at the man himself. Before I start, you might be wondering: "What's that Yu-Gi-Oh! Card doing there?" Well, if you've watched Kamen Rider Ryuki and have knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh! It's a simple pun that you'll understand soon enough. Anyways, unlike ALL my other figuarts, Ouja actuallly has the best - close to perfect joints. I was really satisfied with Ouja when I got him. He is definitely my favorite figuart as of now. His double joints and movements are amazing as always, and the texture that they have for Ouja is just plain awesome. One to to note though, if you are not careful, you might lose his deck because it CAN be loose, and it doesn't always want to fit back into the belt perfectly, so you'll have to mess with it a little bit. Other than that, the figure's great. 
                         Like all Ryuki's series's figuarts, Ouja comes with his advent cards. Ouja comes with 6 advent cards: Final Vent, 2 Contracts, Sword Vent, Advent, and Steal Vent. The cards are barely large enough to see, well, not literally. This picture above is actually a really close up picture, but you cans till tell it's small. In addition to the cards, Ouja brings along his Veno Visor and Veno Saber. The Visor can open up so you can fit an advent card in there, as shown in the picture above. The Veno Saber is just a good looking venom sword. 
                    Above are the hands that come with Ouja. As you can see, there are A LOT. There are 6 pairs of hands, and 2 stand-alone ones that are used to hold the card and the deck. Most of these hands are just for poses and aesthetic reasons, but still cool to have a figuart with so many hands. I'm also glad that Ouja's hands aren't hard to switch around with, they aren't loose, but not too tight either. Perfect. 

Aaaand that's about it for my S.H.Figuart Kamen Rider Ouja Review. Overall it's an amazing figure. My favorite so far because of everything I just mentioned in this review. It's rare I give something such a high rating, but I do give this figure a 9.5 or 10/10. It might not be the best in many's opinions, but it would be a great "first", as it's not too expensive either. So, that's about it. Thanks for taking your time to read this review! ^_^

This was KudoNiro aka JyudenFourze aka UltraCyclone,
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